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 Soul Calibur Five

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PostSubject: Soul Calibur Five   Soul Calibur Five Icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 9:49 pm

Overall I like Soul Calibur, but that is on a distinction between how people like their games. Soul Calibur in essence could be called a pure multiplayer with some singleplayer mixed in for those who wanted (inverse of a number of games now) however it's going back to it's roots. The story mode and offline play is significantly smaller than other previous titles but the multiplayer and mechanics are so very solid that it's easy for me to ignore the downside (me personally, not me as a reviewer)


you get to play a story involving sophitia's two children who grew healthy off the absurd genetics of their mother (damn!) and have since been thrust into the foreground. Rather than be referenced in a backstory or two, these kiddies get the top billing over Siegfried himself and marks a turning of age in the SC series.

I digress, you play a 21 or 23 chapter story mode (20 of them are fights, 3 are cutscenes). ZWEI, Phyrra, Patrokolos and variants of the latter two are the people you play as if memory serves perfectly. All in all, one sitting will just let you breeze through it. Except Nightmare and Elysium... just.. terrible terrible damage all around.


Holy crap, where to start. Taki, Setsuka, Sophitia/Cassandra, Amy, Talim, Zazalamel, kilik, xuanqua (fuck her name) and a few one offs are gone from the series in some manner or another. Taki is missing in the west (replased by natsu/fem naruto). Setsuka kinda faded into obscurity (represented by alpha patrokolos). Sophitia is supposed to be dead. Amy may be Viola, Talim just dissapeared without a replacement, Zazalamel is being black somewhere else. Kilik is a mimic, Xan has a daughter to replace her and so forth.

Along with the person changes (as it's set 17 years after SC4). Character's skills and combos have been trimmed down, the system introduces a burst gague, and you can now over-block and have your guard shattered. IG's (impact guard/counters) are either costly (half a gague out of 2 max) or in combos that need to be pulled off.

People are more or less balanced, but as it's only a week or so into the gameplay, it's yet to be seen. EXCEPT. Algol is still a god-teir.

Baubles of MP.

Character creation. my word, this thing is insane...People can and will replicate the sexual organs of animals on their person. but other than that, the level of customization is just amazing; angles, size, placement, rotation, color, print, everything is yours to mess with.

Everything after this point is really just talking about gameplay mechanics and how smooth the games are online, so i'll cut myself off here.

Single Player: 3/10
Multiplayer: 7/10
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Soul Calibur Five
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