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 Cross media trends

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Cross media trends Empty
PostSubject: Cross media trends   Cross media trends Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 4:26 am

How do all of you guys feel when it comes to cross media trends with video games. This is very broad so i'll give a few examples as an outline. Comics/movies/anime/cartoons turning into games, this has happened nearly as long as games have been around, and most are reported to be bad when its comics or movies, but anime tend to transition over a little better (dbz/bleach especially).

Conversely, how do you feel about games moving OUT of their form of expression. IE: video games now come with their own novels and book series to give information outside of the basic games. ME and others have comics set in their universe to further tell stories. Infamously the slew of supposed video game movies to come out; UC, gears of war, metal gear solid, and a host of others.

Personally i think additional material is great for people who want to invest themselves in the series fully, but when it comes to movies... it's setting itself up to fail as games today are as cinematic as any modern movie with the added plus of interactivity.
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Cross media trends
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