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 NeverDead upcoming game

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PostSubject: NeverDead upcoming game   NeverDead upcoming game Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 11:11 pm

The games these days seem to be throwing curve balls everywhere. Mass Effect 3 with coop only multiplayer, Siren:Blood curse having sightjacking, all sorts of gameplay mechanics worlds away from simple john wu bullet time. Never dead uses bullet time it seems, but it also has a unique feature that i don't think i've seen in a console game.

You can lure beasts with meat. and by meat i mean tearing off one of your arms and throwing it away. Also the character bryce is able to tear his head off and roll it around sort of like a scout or something. Fun

i'm wondering who's actually going to give it a chance. There seems to be a deep story behind everything. From the trailer the guy's technecally immortal thanks to the eye of the demon king, bestowed on him as a curse to live with his friends deaths forever.

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NeverDead upcoming game
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