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 Communities and their common attributes

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Communities and their common attributes Empty
PostSubject: Communities and their common attributes   Communities and their common attributes Icon_minitimeSat Jan 14, 2012 5:10 am

I jest most of the time calling the ps3 a passive game console with an inability to breed competitiveness, though it's true is much less prevalent on the ps3 than it is on the pc or 360 and resting about on par with the Wii. This begs the question about common attributes shared among the gamers of a specific console, and to be fair we'll count the generation itself apart; ps3, 360, wii, pc.

Juno, Joey, Kristy are part of and likely started on the ps3 if they dabbled with the other consoles at all. None are noticably competitive save for juno, none are willing to engage in trash talk, often would prefer cooperative gameplay styles above competitive.

I come from the 360 natively, having played the system for a few years before touching the ps3. I'm more fond of competitive style of games and prefer a reactive opponent or loud opponent over silent ones. I'm noticably competitive and strive to be better at whatever game i choose. these attributes are common on the 360, much more than the ps3 (simple fact) and my competitiveness is present almost to a fault (also simple fact)

the only situation on the ps3 that offer anything similar to the xbox is the setting of modern warfare in general. Even there, however, everything's much more subdued and almost gentle. on the ps3, it's like pulling teeth to get some people I know into a competitive game while on the 360 depending on what game it was like pulling teeth to get into anything cooperative (to the point with friendly fire on we'd take it against each other)

Basic mannerisms are also present that may be affected by systems that we choose to immerse ourselves in and adapt to.

Quite often people on the 360 would talk about games and compare, offering the most negative effects of the game out first and discuss. You had to defend your game by common fact and if not, you had to admit the faults and lack of quality in the game. This didn't detract from anyones love of the game and served more to understand reasoning than the game that was discussed.

People on the ps3 are more thin-skinned and sensitive about the matter and wish only to see the silver lining in the situations or games rather than deal with the whole of the matter, or worse, substitute logic with feelings when defending something.

These are just differences, both have good and bad things about them. As for the wii, while i was able to play the console myself for a few years, it was before they gave you the ability to actually chat with anyone you played against.... soooo i can only assume there's no competitive spirit among ten year old kids and it's inclusion is rather novel.

What sorts of observations can be offered from another's point of view? If you have no legitimate expirence with the other consoles, reflect inward on the ps3 yourself as its impossible for one person to see a network in entirety. (legitimate expirence should be around 6 months to a year, anything less is laughable)

This split also assumes games played pre-current generation means next to nothing, as the xbox spans it's second generation while the playstation is stretched beyond it's third (handhelds are a viable 'generation' as without it, nintendo would be gimped half it's roster). and the nintendo company is probably somewhere around it's thirteenth.

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Communities and their common attributes
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