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 Song of Time- Adventure/Mini-Walkthrough for Zelda:OOT.

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Song of Time- Adventure/Mini-Walkthrough for Zelda:OOT. Empty
PostSubject: Song of Time- Adventure/Mini-Walkthrough for Zelda:OOT.   Song of Time- Adventure/Mini-Walkthrough for Zelda:OOT. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 9:56 am

!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****WARNING*****SPOILERS AHEAD*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be my thread about my nostalgic re-adventure of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS. Its definitely on my list for one of the GREATEST GAMES of ALL TIME! This new re-vamp of my favorite of the Zelda series has been cleaned up, with beneficial additions to the game. Now I have yet to beat the game...but I believe that I've gotten far enough to talk a little bit about it. I don't think this is going to be a review but more of a thread about my perspective of the game. I'll start with the Intro.

As the game turns on I almost feel too excited for my own good. I've been wanting to play this for a while. I don't really have a good excuse as to why I haven't played it since I do own the Master Quest version for Gamecube. I even went out and bought myself a $20 Gamecube Memory Card. Yes, the Memory card almost costs more then the Gamecube itself. I believe the game might even be worth more then the Gamecube. So it starts with the music, it almost sends a spine tingling sensation up my spine as my childhood memories start rushing through my mind. The 3D is pretty cool, my only qualm with the 3D is that I can only stand about 1hr before I decide to completely shut it off. I do turn it on for the cut scenes though but while i'm playing I like to keep it off. So as Link and Epona make it over the hill on the main screen I hit start and begin to make my profile. When it comes to games that allow you to change a Characters name, I usually keep the characters name if they already have one. When I was younger I would rename all my characters but for some reason now that I'm older I don't rename them. So Link it is.


So Link wakes up to Navi, yes that bitch. >__> She's immediately sent by the Deku Tree to tell Link that he is about to have a "date with Destiny." The 3D room is cool. You can tell that Nintendo went in and added a couple of decorations to basically describe whats gone on in Link's life up to this point. As you leave the house you are greeted by Saria. I always liked Saria because she knew who Link was. No body else in the game really does...other then Navi but she just yells at you a lot. Of course when you try to go to the Deku Tree that bastard, Mido is waiting for you, which is funny because I have a friend names Mido but he is not a jerk. He tells me I cant pass with out a sword and shield. Since I had already gone around and collected enough rupees from pulling grass and rocks, I go to the Kokiri shop and buy myself a Deku Shield. Then to the tutorial to get the sword which is self explanatory. On the way to the Deku Tree you come across a couple Deku Babas which you need to kill so you can pick up their deku nuts or sticks to get through to the Deku tree. You'll need them for the Deku Tree Dungeon. Through out the dungeon are just a bunch of Babas, Skulltulas, and a couple Scrubs that you need to talk to to get to Gohma so you can defeat him. The dungeon itself is really easy, you would have to be an idiot to not get through it in under 20 mins. Gohma isn't a hard boss, he's more like Demi Boss. He drops eggs but since you have the slingshot its easy to destroy them before they even hatch. Gohma will try jumping on top of you but you can see his shadow before he drops down, use the Deku nuts to stun him and then hit him with your sword. After you do this about 4- 5 times he dies. So once you beat Gohma you can warp out of the tree. Make sure you get the two golden Skulltulas before you leave, they are pretty noticeable so you shouldn't even miss them. Also the full heart piece you get for beating Gohma. Once outside the Deku Tree presents me with the green Spiritual Stone and tells me to meet with Zelda at Hyrule castle to find out where the next spiritual stone is. Sadly the Deku Tree dies but not at a loss since he provides you with the stone you will need before you can do anything about Ganondorf taking over the Sacred Realm.


Its time to meet up with the Legendary Princess Zelda. You encounter Saria and then leave the forest. As soon as you enter Hyrule Field you hear a jingling and then the sun comes out. I noticed that they touched up the sunbeam giving it a more hyper-realistic lighting. You almost kind of feel warm as Link stands out into the sunlight. You should be able to see part of the Hyrulian Castle and the moat surrounding it. There are a couple holes that you can jump down near the castle but you need bomb and you don't get those til a bit later. These are located all over Hyrule. Some containing cows, fairy fountains, and others just containing chests with Red and Purple rupees. I didn't get a chance to explain rupees yet. They are your form of currency in Hyrule they are easy to obtain OOT makes it nearly impossible to be broke.

Rupee Currency List
Green Rupee= 1
Blue Rupee= 5
Red Rupee= 20
Purple Rupee= 50

While you are in the Hyrule Field the sun goes up and down.You can choose to explore Hyrule if you'd like but to make any further progress you have to go see Princess Zelda in the castle. As Young Link you will encounter Stalchildren at night so be prepared to do some battling if you are locked out of Hyrule for the night. Hyrule raises their drawbridge at dusk, making it inaccessible until morning. Once Hyrule opens up again head inside. Immediately to your right (in links view) there is a room with a guard and about 20 breakable pots in the room. He suggests you break them to pass the time but its good to remember this location if you are ever low on cash in Hyrule Castle. There are a couple shops in the courtyard. Two of them don't open up until you progress further in the game. The one you can enter though is just a bearded supplier or hearts, deku nuts and so on. The temple of time is located in the north west corner. You will have to go there later in the game as well. Go ahead and cut straight through towards the castle. In front of the castle there is a gate and guard blocking your path. He will probably tell you something along the lines of "GTFO." Make sure you speak with Malon, she should be located at a vine near the gate. She explains to you that her father is quite lazy and often falls asleep. She gives you a pocket egg. You have to wait at least one day's time for the egg to hatch. Once you have incubated the Pocket Cucco, climb up the vine next to Malon and sneak pass the guards. Once you get through the first part of sneaking you will run into Talon blocking your way. Use the Pocket Cucco and he realizes that he has fallen asleep on the job again and rushes back to Malon. Push the blocks accordingly and crawl through the hole in the side of the castle. After you crawl through the hole you come across another sneaking sequence. Be careful that you don't get caught they will throw you out of the castle and you will have to start all over. Its not very difficult just timing with the Guards patrolling. When you get past the guards you run into a courtyard with Princess Zelda eavesdropping on her Father and Ganondorf. She explains how Ganondorf scares her and how her father ignores her requests when she asks him not to associate with him. Princess Zelda has a premonition of Link watching Zelda being carried off by Ganondorf.

*saved to prevent loss of text*
I'm gonna stop there and continue with the Dodongo Cave later. Enjoy.
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Song of Time- Adventure/Mini-Walkthrough for Zelda:OOT.
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