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 TRON: Evolution review

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TRON: Evolution review


Having played this game to completion, i Still look rather favorably upon TRON: Evolution because of it's "Nerd Culture" value. Despite this, I am incapable of giving it much praise beyond what will be expounded upon below because from a "Story Perspective" its impressive Prologue to TRON: Legacy (the movie) is let down by its overall Gameplay and Multiplayer...so without further Ado...

Singleplayer (Spoiler Alert):

The game TRON: Evolution is a preamble to the events of TRON: Legacy movie, detailing the events of the ISO Purge, Clu's ascention to power, and Quorra's introduction to the events of the movie. The story is told from the perspective of a freshly coded System Monitor codenamed Anon (don't worry, he is not legion) who is assigned to follow a new type of virus codenamed Digi-Vader...erm...Abraxas...yeah, Abraxas. An evolved corrupted strain of ISO.

Overall the game plays a scripted fashion (almost to the point of forcing you along) the sequence almost formulaic
Platform Here (Taking approximately 3-5 tries due to either visual confusion or Anon's refusal to co-operate with the player) Kill these dudes (each of which gets just short of a cutscene on their EXACT weakness and how to employ it.) rinse and repeat for about 9 chapters.

One of the large draws of this game's playstyle is the occasional implementation of "Light Cycle/Light Tank" Vehicle sections, overall the feel is pleasant, a Sci-Fi speedrace through cyberspace. Unfortunately the sequences are let down by extremely busy visuals that leave you nigh incapable of negotiating the roadways and obstacles that dont mesh well with the stiff turning of the cycle. The tank sections are argueably funner due to them being mostly effortless, as you're given copious ammunition/health recharges coupled with mostly weak enemies that can sparsely damage you and die immediately if you just run them over...overall the vehicle sections (much like the rest of the game) are a hit and miss element.

The good points of this game are its Visual Style, busy as it may be, the "Cyber-Chic" appearance and the asthetic really helps to immerse the player in the world of the Grid and complete the feel of the game. The Length of the narrative is rather brief, mostly serving as a vehicle to prompt your faceless protagonist through padded fight arenas...and even then it feels short, with 9 chapters completable in roughly 10-12 hours total play time (for a hamhanded gamer like myself)

Multiplayer Section:

In every Multiplayer game, balance must be considered, and to avoid sounding monotonous compared to other games...its a regret that this game manages to be unique, but suffers from repetitive activity and Broken approaches.

Levels are gained in Singleplayer, and the gains you make (Health ups, Energy ups) carry over to your Multiplayer Persona, which already hamstrings a new player's ability to enter the game, giving higher level players the capability to literally Oneshot a new player due to hitting first with the right mods equipped, it eventually devolves into a sequence of spamming Tumbledodge and then Spamming *insert Disc power here* in an AOE. Certain maps allow the use of Light Cycles to give a form of "High speed action" undone by the fact that the limited turning and unability to use formal attacks involves "Circle strafing" with L1/R1. to trap an opponent or ram into them front on, turning it more into a Chaotic guessing game.

Singleplayer: 3/10
Multiplayer: 2/10
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TRON: Evolution review
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