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PostSubject: Game Informer....   Game Informer.... Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 12:39 pm

Okay i just got my game informer and read some of it....and this is what i have to say...

These guys are a bunch of cocky assholes and the bigger the magazine gets the more ignorant and retarded it gets. I didn't agree with Kryeed at first with his scale system but you know what after reading these articles and reviews I understand. For example A GI subscriber wrote them this:

"As a subscriber I rely on your ratings to help me decide on purchases. I was disappointed this month when you gave out 16 reviews, you gave an 8 or above rating to 14 games and a 9 or above to 8 of them! Such generous scoring discredits your reviews and thereby reduces their utility. Perhaps with the impressive advancement of game technology in general, it is time to revamp your scoring system."

HE'S GOT AN EFFN POINT!!! 16 reviews with at least an 8 when you know damn well half of those games don't deserve a "snowman."

Here is the crap that GI decides to respond with:

"We're sorry you're disappointed by the number of good games on the market. Rather than adjusting our scoring system so that more games get negative scores, we'll just go ahead and tell developers to make their games crappier, so that we have more to complain about."

REALLY!?!?! These dicks think their score system is a gift from God himself. Sorry to INFORM you game informer, but I think you need to take your heads out of Kratos' ASS and listen to what people are saying to you! 27% of their subscribers that wrote them wrote about how they disagree with their reviews, another 18% wrote them about how they are idiots and they rate too high, and 2% were angry rants of people just raging. That's almost half of their subscribers that wrote them that disagree with their magazine. Hmm maybe we should get some people who know what they are talking about to write articles in the magazine...hmm i dunno maybe ADAM SESSLER! I would love to have a monthly article in the magazine where this man spews his thoughts because this man KNOWS wtf he is talking about.

Today the magazine had the review I have been waiting for, Skyrim. They gave Skyrim a 9.5/10. The same score that they gave Uncharted 3. At the risk of causing a heated debate I will say this: I don't think Uncharted 3 deserves the same score As Skyrim. They also gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a 9/10. Not long ago they gave Dead Island an 8.5/10. I'm sorry but that game deserves a 6.5/10 for various reasons. After seeing these bullshit scores it suddenly hit me, "THESE GUYS ARE FUCKING SELLOUTS!" They have sold out to the interests of the "Commercial Gamer." Now it seems it isn't about the games anymore. Good reviews means good sales. I honest to God think that these guys don't care as long as the get checks and with no one buying games if they say they are bad they get smaller checks. Resulting in generous scores for more money.

So here is my final thought on Game Informer. Here is a bunch of writers who to me seem like they have the attention span equivalent to the Kardashians. The reason why is, they seem to base their reviews on pretty colors and hype. GAME INFORMER your are a bunch of whores.


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