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 First Offical Tournament - [Info & Sign Ups]

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First Offical Tournament - [Info & Sign Ups] Empty
PostSubject: First Offical Tournament - [Info & Sign Ups]   First Offical Tournament - [Info & Sign Ups] Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 2:20 am

G A M E :

▸ Black Ops

M O D E:

▸ Wager Matches [Sharpshooter, Gun Game, One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones]

D A T E :

▸ Saturday, September 10th. All Day.

T I M E :

▸ TBA, You will get a new time right after you've finished your first round of matches.

P R I Z E :

▸ Free DLC of Annihilation: Including the Shangri La Zombie Map and all the MP Maps that came in it. If you already have this, you MAY receive the new DLC which has yet to come out, including the four Classic Zombie Maps from World at War and the last installment of the Zombie mode for Black Ops, although this is not yet confirmed. All prizes will be given via a Game-Shared Account.


✦ This tournament will be pretty fast paced, taking place all in one day.

✦ We will have matches of 3-4 people (depending on the number of people who join), with the person placing last in each match getting disqualified.

✦ We will have a "Loser's Bracket," in which all of the disqualified individuals will have one last grudge match with each other to determine if they can re-enter the tournament. The winner of the "Loser's Bracket" (Or possibly "Brackets" depending on how many people join) will get to play in the next round of the tournament with everyone else. This will be a sort of intermission in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. So have faith! If you get eliminated in Round 1 or 2, you have a chance to make it back into the tournament. Smile

✦ Tournament matches will probably run every hour or so, depending on how many people join. You will be given your schedule and your next opponents directly after you win. Either myself, MKS, or some other helper (who has yet to be chosen.. lol) will be spectating each of your matches, and will be there to ensure you get the info about your next match as soon as possible.

✦ Your opponents, match type, and time of next match will all be randomly drawn at the conclusion of the last match in that round. You may only get 30 minutes or less between the completion of one round and the start of the next, depending again, on how many people join.


Please Read Through the Following. If you cannot commit to the below list, then please do not join the tournament. Things come up, and it's understandable. But it's no fun to win every match because of a forfeit. =/

Are You:

✔️ Able to be a good sport and not trash talk those around you? A little banter during the game is fine and part of the fun, but name calling and/or racisms can result in you being ejected from the tournament.

✔️ Able to commit to playing on Saturday? If you progress each round, then this could end up being an all day thing, beginning about 1pm EST and ending about 9pm EST. You will get breaks between each matches, but not for a very extended amount of time. The less people we recruit for this, the less time the tournament will take. But I, personally would have alot of fun if many people joined and it took place all day. Smile

✔️ Understanding that a no-show grants you a disqualification. There will be no second chances or match rescheduling. If you don't show up for your match, you will be disqualified and ineligible for the "Loser's Bracket."

Thanks for reading.. lol

Please Sign Up Below. It will be very fun. Smile Sign Ups will close on Friday, September 9th at 10pm EST. You will get the schedule for your first match of the day shortly after that sign up end time.
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First Offical Tournament - [Info & Sign Ups]
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